When NOT to Wax

    • If you are using retinol products (Retin-A, Renova)
    • If you are using Accutane
    • If you are sunburned
    • Please check if any medications may make you bruise easily

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Brow $18
Chin $12
Upper Lip $12
Upper Leg $40
Lower Leg $35
Full Leg $70
Bikini $30+
Brazilian Bikini $55+
Underarms $15
Chest $50
Back $60
Half Arm $35
Full Arm $45
Hands/Fingers $12
Feet/Toes $12
Neck $20
Face $45
Brow & Upper Lip $28

Online scheduling

Preparing Yourself for a Brazilian Wax:

  • Hair should be a minimum of a quarter inch or longer
  • Make sure you do not shave for over 2-3 weeks for best results
  • Take 2 Advil or Tylenol 1 hour before your appointment, this might ease your nerves (No Advil if pregnant)
  • Please bear in mind that it is more uncomfortable at “that time of the month,” so it is best to come before or after
  • Please refrain from shaving in between waxing appointments for best results. It is also more painful when coarse hair is waxed

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